Drink. Opinionate. Repeat.

WINE: Eden Ice Cider

WHEN: Sunday, November 28, 2010

NOTES: Few occasions during the week are as poignant for me as Sunday evenings. I take inventory of the past week. I make plans, step by step plans, for the week ahead. I take comfort in this strategy, because it gives me my coordinates for moving ahead in the GPS of my work and my life. 

It’s a day of planning and at a certain point – usually late afternoon or early evening – I get thirsty for liquid reinforcement. Sometimes what I pour into my glass is incidental, a glass or two from a bottle left over from the day before. Sometimes I open something fresh.

Whatever it is, it’s a pivotal moment. I swallow back the gains and losses from the week before. It steadies me and clears my head for what’s next.

Tonight it was Eden Ice Cider, made from apples in Vermont by Eleanor Leger, who I’ve met a few times and consider a colleague and friend. I had recommended it last week to drink at the dessert course of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s dessert in and of itself, but at this time of night it’s the sour-sweet potency that wipes the slate clean.

I’m ready, in my head and palate, for what’s next.