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Next App release and few updates ...

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We are furiously working on the next release. I wanted to put out a few lines to keep you folks updated on developments behind the curtain -

1. The iPhone app update is currently with Apple. We expect to have it approved in the next week or so. Users will be able to download this app to their iPods too! It also includes some minor enhancements such as inclusion of store Twitter and Facebook links. This functionality is already out there on the mobile HTML and also on the website. We also fixed a few bugs (yep.. even stellar programmers like us do get bugs now and then ;)

2. Currently we are working on the ability for users to be able to add their own public comments for a particular wine. It seems like wine lovers have some strong opinions and we would love to see some good conversations! We are planning for this functionality to go out in v2.0 of the app.

3. We are adding stores almost everyday and its exciting to see people participating and the word getting out there.

Now for some technical thoughts - Implementing the comments functionality turns out to be more complicated than we thought cuz it requires implementing authentication aka login. Of course, we have a responsibility to our users once we start storing passwords (encrypted of course!). Alongwith that, comes the need to make the site SSL enabled. We found out some pretty interesting things about certificates. A single domain certificate is way cheaper than a wildcarded cert. Turns out that we are going to require the wildcarded. I have no idea why the wildcarded ones are so expensive. There is definitely no overhead of maintaining a wildcarded certificate. Its not like they have to spend x more hours on a wildcarded cert! Seems like another case of taking advantage of monopoly! Anyways, thats my rant for the day.

If any of the readers have some suggestions on using certs which might save us some money, please let us know (I might be able to convince Cathy to gift you a bottle of fine wine in return :0)

Stay tuned...

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